Rush Service

At Cavalier, we live to accomplish service prior to legal deadlines. Email us your documents, and we will be sure to keep track of the service deadline. Have a last minute same-day rush? You are in luck. We have a dedicated team of process servers able to go anywhere and ensure your documents are served. Occasionally, surveillance or skip tracing may be recommended.

Skip Tracing

We have an experienced team of skip tracers ready to locate your witness or opposing party and get them served. Whether you are not sure where to start service attempts or we discover that the address that you had was outdated, we will take care of determining the next step and location to pursue service. Don’t you already have enough to keep track of? Let us take care of getting your documents served at the right place based on the information you have.


Whether you need to meet a deadline or know that whoever you need to serve may try to avoid service, we are up for whatever challenge you have for us. The most common surveillance assignments are waiting outside an address or showing up at a custody exchange; however, we have also served individuals at rock concerts, at a traffic light, at the airport, at horse shows, on their boat, and even by jumping on a moving UPS truck. (We do not conduct moving surveillance and our surveillance is strictly for the purpose of executing service.)

Court Filing & Law Firm Delivery

While we live and breathe process service, we also offer our law firm clients courier services of court filings and delivery of documents. When you need documents or a filing delivered on a tight deadline, we will be there. Of course, Virginia courts require original documents with wet-ink signatures, so be sure to give us enough of a heads up to get to your office and then to court before close. Rest assured if it is physically possible, Cavalier will get the delivery or filing done.

Process Service of Individuals

Of course, most serves are barely memorable. Someone answers the door, takes some papers, and your case moves along in court. Anyone can do that. But not everyone is cooperative, and for those extra tough serves, we’re just the company you want. We love to fact-check people and challenge inconsistencies in order to get your serve done. We also have multiple sets of eyes on your job from beginning to end to make sure that no B.S. slips past us.

Process Service of Businesses

Suits and ties and handshakes. Business serves should be professional and most are. While we love the cordial corporate serve, we also have a few stories that might surprise you. Not every professional lives up to that title, and we’re experts at getting the shady guys served. We’re familiar with service rules and people, the two most complicated factors of process serving. Leave it to us, and we’ll get it done.

Nationwide Process Service

When you have a case to focus on, the last thing you need to worry about is finding different process servers for each place you need to serve documents. At Cavalier, we serve anywhere in the 50 states at one predictable nationwide flat rate and have a long history of completing complex serves, often by leveraging the service rules applicable to each specific jurisdiction. While we utilize well over a thousand contracted process servers for nationwide serves, we carefully vet them and evaluate the quality of their process serving. When necessary, Cavalier employees have traveled all over the US to ensure serves get done correctly!