Step 1. Send Us the Documents

Email documents to or mail if originals must be served with any any relevant details. We'll confirm receipt within minutes.


Step 2. Setup

Our highly trained employees will carefully review documents for missing items, service deadlines, the appropriate service rules, etc. We may reach out with critical, clarifying questions.


Step 3. Out for Service

Our attempts for service utilize keen observation, creative tact, and strong determination for quick results. As necessary, we will attempt up to 7 times at an address for a single fee. For the most difficult local serves, attempts by multiple employees often does the trick.


Step 4. Solutions (if Necessary)

In the event of any difficulties, our team quickly develops a plan. We begin with a brief skip trace as a courtesy which often immediatly reveals a better address. We will advise if a full skip trace, surveillance, or other approach is required (additional fees will apply).


Step 5. Completed Service

We know that you need updates fast, so our information system is updated within mere minutes of completed service. You will immediately receive an email with the service details.


Step 6. Proof of Service

Once the specific process server returns to the office, they will sign the proof of service. We will file the affidavit to a Virginia county court if applicable; otherwise, we will email you a scan. Finally, we will mail either the file stamped or original affidavit to you.

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